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Better Together is jointly headed by Paul Assenheim and Talia Pevsner. Having worked at the forefront of the catering, profession both nationally and globally, they have now joined forces in a dynamic boutique company. Paul brings his creative expertise and experience gained through twenty years of owning and running some of Israel’s best known catering companies, while Talia offers a sharp business sense, and a driving passion for creativity and lifestyle. She brings a fresh outlook from catering exclusive events all over the world. Together with a mutual passion for original, innovative food, they have the perfect ingredients to host a flawless event. These are just a few of the qualities that have made Better Together the President’s first choice ,of caterers when entertaining royalty dignitaries, or foreign heads of state. Every client can expect the same degree of individual care and attention Better Together specialises in offering the most flexible, custom-made service availa... עוד

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