Digital Invitation

Inviting people was never easier!

Invite your guests with no need to get out of bed!

We went the extra mile to make your life easier.

Efficiency is the name of the game!

Handing out invitations used to be a lot of work. Now days, you can share a digital invitation on Whatsapp and Email in just a few seconds!

A personal touch

We prepared examples specifically for all types of events. You can choose your favorite design, edit the content, consult with your parents and family about the invitation and much more. Couldn't find something you like? Upload your own design!

Don't let anyone forget your special day!

Our digital invitation includes a unique feature that allows your guests to automatically add the event to their phone's calendar.

Unlimited fun!

Unlike paper invitations, digital ones can be sent to unlimited guests with no extra cost!

Keep it green and clean!

Instead of printing hundreds of paper invitations, most of which will never even reach your guests and get thrown away, use our digital invitation that doesn't pollute the environment!

More designs
Digital invitation example


Haven't picked a design yet?!

Check out our digital invitation screen, play with the designs and distribute it to your guests in a click! Oh, you can share it on whatsapp too!
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A special design for a special day

This is just a taste from dozens of designs we created just for you!

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