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An ERP for events

One stop shop for all of your company's needs! Customer relationship management (CRM) features, billing, advanced calendar specifically designed for events and meetings, menu module, vivid floor plans, forms, graphs an iPad and mobile apps, and much more! All these features are just part of the tools we provide and are now a standard for every event vendor.

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Targeted marketing

Connecting you with the right clientele! With a smart algorithm that learns you and your costumers patterns, we'll expose your brand in a smart and more focused way. Sounds complicated? We worked hard to keep it simple! With a click of a button connect to your clients and go back to focus on what's really important, events.

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We know that the key to a successful event is all the vendors that take part in the planning and execution of the event working in perfect harmony together. The iPlan system allows all vendors to connect to a single vantage point. When communication and synchronization are no longer an issue you can get back to producing dreams!

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What's under the hood?


Service oriented companies and high level of availability is the name of the game in today's reality. with iPlan you'll never miss a client and provide the highest level of costumer service


A combined calendar for events and meetings with tons of useful information and easy access


Produce any relevant accounting document (receipt, invoice, work order etc.), all digitally signed and ready to send via email

Text message and Email deliviry

Communicate with your costumers via Email or text messaging directly from the system The messages are automatically documented! Set a meeting and immediately send a confirmation text message with directions to the venue!

Event menu

An advanced menu creation interface! Tag dishes, add pictures and comments, and a lot of other features to make the food in the event just perfect!

Advanced floor plan editor

Build amazing floor plans, proportional, clear and easy to use. Use the real modeled objects from your venue and sync with your clients on the sitting arrangements

Guest registration

No more printed guest lists! Smart guest registering station. Using iPads and mobile apps for a quick and efficient registering process.


Make sure what needs to be done, today tomorrow and in general. Assign tasks to yourself and to others on your team and stay up to date from everywhere at any time


Want to know how is your business doing? How many new leads were received last month? How many meetings take place every day and much more! Just your our analytics interface withe a lot of useful reports and graph to help you better steer your company.


Your clients want to let you know how much they enjoyed your services, and you get to spread the word through various marketing channels online, with iPlan's testimonial system it's easy!


Information and cyber security is one of the main services we provide, we make sure your data is always accessible for you and completely safe from anyone else!

Cloud services

The main reason many vendors move forward to you using iPlan's systems is the fact that its website, and like any other cloud based service, its available to you from anywhere at any time!

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