Our story

Begins with an idea, continues with a lot of hard work and of course a bit of luck

This was our start

iPlan was founded in a small basement in northern Tel Aviv by two young and ambitious entrepreneurs, who wanted to bring technology and innovation to a field it didn't really exist in. At the time almost every economic sector was going through technological revolution, only events, which by nature concerns young population didn't. The need was obvious, the challenge was to create a system that support to complex needs of event venues and other vendors, yet simple to learn and operate. Very soon a third part joined the equation that brought with her the much needed experience and when technology meets experience magic is formed.

We used a secret recipe
The kind that's been running in the family for generations

  • You spread a pound of finance for an easy start

  • You squeeze 5 gallons of young and talented programmers for a steady base

  • Add a few event oriented experts for energy and vitamins

  • Mix some amazing service and instruction personnel into the mix

  • Put in a pinch of the best and freshest sales persons around

  • Decorate with a ton of love and your all set!

To conclude you give it a couple of years (otherwise it doesn't taste as good)

The result in the next section

Today we are very different but in many ways, exactly the same

It's been a while since we began and the company is growing every day. With the help of a great team of talented people, iPlan helps tens of thousands of events each year! We moved out of the basement and into cool pffices but the vision remains the same!
Team_01 Team_02 Team_03 Team_04 Team_05 Team_06 Team_07 Team_08 Team_09 Team_10 Team_11 Team_12 Team_13 Team_14 Team_15 Team_16 Team_17 Team_18 Team_19 Team_20 Team_21 Team_22 Team_23 Team_24 Team_25 Team_26 Team_27 Team_28 Team_29 Team_30 Team_31 Team_32 Team_33 Team_34 Team_35 Team_36 Team_37 Team_38 Team_39 Team_40 Team_41 Team_42 Team_43 Team_44 Team_45 Team_46 Team_47 Team_48 Team_49 Team_50 Team_51 Team_52 Team_53 Team_54 Team_55 Team_56 Team_57 Team_58 Team_59 Team_60 Team_61 Team_62 Team_63 Team_64 Team_65 Team_66 Team_67 Team_68 Team_69 Team_70 Team_71 Team_72 Team_73 Team_74 Team_75 Team_76 Team_77 Team_78 Team_79 Team_80 Team_81 Team_82 Team_83 Team_84 Team_85 Team_86 Team_87 Team_88 Team_89 Team_90 Team_91 Team_92 Team_93 Team_94 Team_95 Team_96 Team_97 Team_98 Team_99 Team_100 Team_101 Team_102 Team_103 Team_104 Team_105 Team_106 Team_107 Team_108 Team_109 Team_110 Team_111 Team_112 Team_113 Team_114 Team_115 Team_116 Team_117 Team_118 Team_119 Team_120 Team_121 Team_122 Team_123 Team_124 Team_125 Team_126 Team_127 Team_128

And it's only the beginning...

With your trust and love we plan to keep growing!