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Use the guest list to organize your information - from RSVP through seating arrangements, passengers list for the bus and even gifts!
Invitation for Smith family
3 מגיעים
Invitation for Mr. and Ms. Ron
1 מגיע
Invitation for Dana Cohen
0 מגיעים
Invitation for Roni and Guy Shaked
2 מגיעים

No need to strain yourself, everything is already set

Why start with a blank spreadsheet? Here you can find the relevant template, smart and flexible for your guest list, tailor maid for every type of event!

Creating a guest list

If you chose to use the template and import an existing list, or create your guest list manually - Both options would end up helping you keep an updated and organized list.

Any time Anywhere

Accidentally met your aunt at the supermarket and remembered you still need to add her to your list? No problem! Your just one click away and she's on the list.

Staying on top of the numbers

Finished with the guest list? Everyone got an invitation? Here you can find out about the RSVP process's status, how many guests confirmed their arrival and a lot more!

So who are you inviting?

Lets get to work! Time to start creating the list, update the guests about the big day and keep track of the RSVP status!
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Anything else we need to know?

Your guest list has many more fun uses!


So, who's coming? Who will have to miss the party? All the answers received from the RSVP service is automatically updated in the system and appear in the guest list.
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With a click of a button, update every guest on the list with the time and place of the event, directions and much more! Don't forget to say thanks for the love on the day after
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Seating arrangements

Full sync between your guest list and the floor plan so you can easily sit your guests.
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Reception and guest seating

Does your venue provide reception and guest seating services? Great! Your guest list automatically syncs to an iPad app at the reception desk!
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The gifts you got

Organized tracking of all gifts from all the guests, whether if it's Credit gifts or candlesticks :)
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How many guests did we invite? How many confirmed their arrival? And what about the gifts? All the answers to these questions and more...