Greeting your guests never looked better!

This is how reception works these days

Seating your guests has gone digital!

Seat your guests using the colorful floor plan the venue created for you and all the information is waiting at the receiving line

The puzzle is solved and everything is ready!

You seated aunt Sarah on table 3? When she arrives at the receiving line, all she has to do is say her name and she'll be told where she is seated.

Instead of a big pile of notes on a table, your guests are just a click away from entering the event!

No need to search for your name between hundreds of seating cards, no self service stations and no cheep looking paper notes. Arrive to the receiving line, say your name, go in. Easy!

You finished your homework, the day before the event is for resting

Instead of spending the night before the big day writing seating cards, enjoy some peace and quiet time.

Technology at your service!

Someone surprised and showed up? The team can easily find them a chair and even make sure they sit with people from the same group (friends or family for example).
Hand holding tablet

Advance to digital seating!

Say goodbye to sheets of paper and seating cards, welcome your guests with style, efficiency and speed!
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Q and A

And all their answers

Does iPlan provide seating and a receiving line services?

No, we provide the app that syncs directly to your seating arrangements (The app only works on iPads). Check with your venue for more information. Be advised, some venues don't provide this service.

Does the iPad show guests I've put in table groups?

Of course! If you created (for example 1,2,3), when the guest mentions their name at the entrance they will be given the option of sitting in each one of these tables.

What happens when guests that haven't confirmed their arrival surprise and show up?

Your entire guest list syncs to the iPlan Hostess app, whether the guest RSVP'd or not.

Part of my guest list is in Hebrew, is that a problem?

Basically we recommend consistency in the guest list. Meaning, it's better that the entire list is either in Hebrew, or English, so the hostess in the receiving line can quickly find the guest without having to look twice.