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When it comes to your guests, don't compromise

How does it work?

When we do it right you save a lot of time and money!

Sms for RSVP

A preliminary text message from us will remind your guests about the event and allow them to give an answer when they have one.
תשובתך התקבלה! במקרה של שינוי, אנא השיבו להודעה זו פעם נוספת או לחצו על: (לינק)

What about guests who don't reply to the text message?

Don't worry, we have a solution for them too.
Call center

Advanced call center

With an experienced and talented team using a system proven to be successful, you can be sure your guests are in good hands. We understand the responsibility we have. Still not sure? Ask friends who used our service or check out the feedback screen on our website.

Of curse I'll be there!

Let us do the hard work, keep the fun things to yourself!
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Why not do it alone?

Many people think that it's a simple and easy progress, and it's not worth the money, they are wrong

Is it really worth it? Just to save a few hundred Shekels?

Beyond the fact that it's a real headache, with our RSVP service you could actually save money!

You have never done it before

When you try and RSVP your guests by yourselves, the chance of you missing a guest or making mistakes is huge. There are no call recordings, or an option for a guest to update their answer, every mistake is worth a lot of money!

"Who am i speaking with?"

If you try it by yourself you'll need to talk with your guests personally, that means some of the positive responses you receive might be a result from of guests feeling uncomfortable.

Free yourself for a week

When you RSVP by yourself you will need some help from friends (who also have things to do), spend time to calling all the guests, diversify hours, provide guests with a phone to call back and hope you don't miss anyone. Why would you do that to yourself?

Nothing but the best for your event!

Let us save you time and money!

Took our RSVP service?

You've joined thousands of happy customers. Let us work hard so you don't have to

Experience is the name of the game

During the RSVP process, an experienced representative talks with your guests to find out whether they are coming or not, how many will etc.

"We are a third party app the couple hired to help with RSVP"

This is how we identify ourselves, that fact makes the guests feel more comfortable to give the real answer

We're sure you have something better to do

The RSVP process is complex, takes time, and requires concentration and availability. Two weeks before the event this is not something you want to deal with!