Guest notifications

Keeping guests in the loop

With our 2 types of notifications you can sit back and relax

Make sure all your loved ones know about the event, help them arrive quickly and easily with directions to the venue, and don't forget to say thanks for the love!
Dear family and friends, we are super excited, hope you are too! It's gonna be crazy! For directions via Waze press (link). For Credit gift click here (link). Love you all Danny and Dana!
Wow, can't wait, see you tonight!

Reminder and directions

Directions via Waze or Google sent to each of your guests in a text message will make sure they get to the venue safely and quickly (The option of credit gift will also save them the trip to the ATM).
After a well needed rest now it's time to say thank you! You are the reason we had a perfect night, thanks for all the love and we hope you had as much fun as we did! Danny and Dana
You guys are amazing! We had a great time, Mazal tov!

Thank you message

The event was perfect, mostly due to your loved ones. With a click of a button say Thank You to all those who took part of in your special day

Time to let everyone know!

What are you waiting for?! Start gathering phone numbers, so when the time comes, you can update the guests with all the important information!
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Q and A

And all their answers
  • Can i send more than one version of a message?

    Definitely, guests from different groups would appreciate getting a message that fits your connection. Create a specifically styled message for your army buddies, a second one for close family, and a third one for friends of your parents, let everyone feel special!
  • When is it most recommended to send a text with directions to the venue?

    We recommend sending directions on the day of the event so it doesn't get buried under a pile of new texts we get daily.
  • On the day of the event i'll probably be very busy can i schedule the message to be send in advance?

    Sure! You can wright the different versions of the messages and schedule it to be sent at the day of the event. You can do the same with the Thank You messages!
  • Can the guests reply to the messages i send through the system?

    Yes, it's an option. You can always define the number from which the messages are sent from as your personal number, so if guests decide to respond you get the answers to your own phone.