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Create a guest list
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We've created a task list regarding all of the necessary topics, probably included a few you didn't think about.

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Have a task we haven't thought about? Add and remove tasks according to your specific needs and create a custom made task list.

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Feels like you're not making any progress? Like there's plenty more left to do? iPlan can help you keep things in order, understand which tasks have already been completed and what's next.

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Who's in charge of what? Divide the tasks between you, so nothing falls between the cracks.

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With an organized task list, and an interface helping you keep track of your progress in completing the tasks, we can make sure you didn't miss a thing. Helping give you peace of mind is what we do!
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Some of the tasks are extra challenging

We're here to help!

Digital invitation

Paper invitations are fine for some of your guests, but most of them would much prefer a detailed and beautifully designed digital invitation. You can even share it via Whatsapp!
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When it comes to the only service that could actually save you money, take nothing but the best! We are the biggest RSVP company, the most professional, organized and experienced in the market. Don't take our word for it, ask you friends.
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Seating arrangements

This might be the most complicated part of planning a successful event. We just had to make it easier! With a colorful and detailed floor plan, you could easily tell the different parts of the venue and make sure you have seated your guests accordingly.
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