Event minisite

The perfect place to tell your guests about the event's specifics

Why do i need a minisite?

One place with all the information your guests need to know

Eco friendly, updated, useful

You might want to hand out printed invitations, but it's becoming obsolete! Send your guests a text message with a link to your unique minisite and let them know about all the important information. With one click your guests can add the event to their phone's calendar!

So who's coming?

Things constantly change and things that are true today might not be true in two weeks. On your minisite every guest can update their confirmation from anywhere at any time so you always get the most accurate and current status

No guest will get lost!

Instead of confusing printed maps and directions, use the minisite so your guests can navigate straight to the venue's parking via WAZE. Send them a text on the day of the event and all the guests will be there in time for the Chupa.

Checkbook? ATM? Credit gift!

On your minisite your guests can send a gift, choose installment number, take a selfie and wright blessing, quickly and securely!

Technology that works for you!

Instead of trying to come up with complicated solutions, share all the important details with your guests!
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Anything else we need to know?

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Digital invitation

Choose a design and share it with your loved ones in seconds!
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Give your guests the option of updating the amount of confirmed guests and even change the answer if anything changes.
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Credit gift

We use our smartphone for almost everything - Shopping, collecting money and now sending a gift! Easy, quick and safe.
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