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Of course nothing can work without our amazing support team!

We at iPlan consider support and support orientation as a top priority. Contact us in any way you prefer, chat, phone call or Email, and you'll be answered in real time. We also include a short instruction session just to make it an easy start.

Planning an event together
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They used to do it like this...

The most advanced technology when it came to event planning was pen and paper. Communication between you and your vendors was clumsy and far from efficient. Time to forget about the fax machine and move forward to a world where technology works for you and not the other way around.
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Ans this is how it's done today!

With our simple interface we've made event planning simple to all types of users. Communication between you and your vendors is now perfectly efficient. Become a pro and let technology work hard so you don't have to.

Get connected
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Maybe you thought your friends can do it, perhaps mom and dad, or even by yourself. Well, these are all bad ideas. It's common knowledge that the responsibility for RSVP services are only trusted in professional and experienced hands. Save yourself a lot of work, and more important, money! With iPlan's advanced RSVP tools, contacting and receiving arrival confirmation from your guests becomes easy!


Remember those giant maps we used to use to get from home to basically anywhere? Nostalgic feelings aside, just send your guests a text message containing directions via Waze and Google Maps, and no one will get lost on the way to your event.

Saying thanks

The event went perfect, the guests were the main reason, and now it's time to say thank you! Should you call them one by one? Maybe ask your parents to thank them in your behalf? Why trouble yourself? With one click, every guest gets a thank you text message worded just for them!
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Hey guys, sorry to keep you waiting, but, it's finally here! We are getting married on June 21st. You can add the event directly to your calendar through here: (link). More to come, love you all Danny and Dana.
Wow! Great news, event added can't wait!
הוזמנתם לחתונה של דני ודנה ביום שלישי 21/06/19 בשעה 18:15. אנא עדכנו אם תגיעו בלחיצה על הקישור. בברכה, משפחת כהן.
Dear friends and family, we're very excited, hope you are too! Can't wait to meet you all on the dance floor! For directions please press here: (link) For your convenience a credit gift is possible through here: (link)
Wow! Can't wait! See you tonight!
After resting for a few days, now it's time to say thank you! You've given us a perfect night, happy colorful and much more. We thank you for all the love and hope you enjoyed just as much as we did. Danny and Dana.
You guys are amazing, we had a perfect time, congratulations!

Greet your guests with style

When technology welcomes your guests

With the special app we created, your guests will enter the venue quickly and in an orderly fashion. No need for notes and pages, out of date excels and pencil drawing of the floor plan. Experienced hostesses equipped with iPads will greet your guests with style, and make sure every guest gets to their designated seat.